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About DER & Associates

Established in 1999, DER & Associates has been busy helping employers, lawyers, banks, credit unions, landlords, and private individuals find answers to problems that have been plaguing them andWaterfall in Iowa burning holes in their pockets.

If you are an employer who is trying to maintain control over the essential finances you need to keep your business running smoothly, you’d want to know if your employees are cheating you or otherwise stealing from you.

As a client of DER & Associates, you can count on their experience and professionalism to monitor the activities of employees, research their backgrounds, and determine whether your mutual goals coincide.

Similarly, if you are an insurance company with an injury claim, you need to know if the injury is for real. It may very well be, but you need hard evidence to prove it. There are simply too many fraudulent claims out there, and you cannot afford to even let the one slip in under your radar.

Law firms frequently hire DER & Associates to investigate causes of accidents, document evidence, find missing witnesses, serve documents, and appear in court as expert witnesses in hearings that apply to injuries or felonious behavior such as child abuse and neglect.

At DER & Associates, Darwin E. Rittgers and his team of licensed investigators have many years of experience finding evidence that supports the guilt or innocence of an individual. Darwin’s 20 years in the police force gave him more than enough experience to ferret out information and monitor people’s activities. Mr. Rittgers Iowa license number is 792. Associates’ licenses are available upon request.

If you have a difficult situation that needs positive resolution, call DER & Associates today toll-free at 1-800-413-6551.

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