DER Investigators

Areas Of Expertise

DER & Associates Professional Investigations assists employers, law firms, insurance companies, landlords, lending institutions, private individuals, and others with investigations involving the following:

Criminal Defense
Der & Associates is registred in the Public Defenders Office as a court appoint investigator. Our case work has includes Post Conviction Relief, Murder, Attempted Murder, Arson, Sexual Assaults, Assaults, Burlary, Drud Possession and Delivery, Animal Neglect, Thefts and Fraud. If you have a court appoint attorney you may request from the court a court appointed investigator.

Background Checks
Usually done for employers, DER & Associates conducts administrative background checks for new hires, out-of-state hires, and current employees.  They attempt to locate any judgments and criminal history in the employee's past, and additionally perform personal property locates. 

Corporate Investigations
DER & Associates conducts both internal and external investigations at the management and employee level to uncover evidence of employee theft, accidents, and corporate fraud. If an employee accident has occurred, such as a slip and fall, they also investigate the potential cause and document any potential evidence for the employer in anticipation of litigation.  These are matters that could be fatal to your operations, and your business cannot afford to allow these matters continue without your full awareness.

Electronic Surveillance
You may be an employer needing a hidden video camera to monitor employees coming and going from the break room, or to monitor employees at the cash register.  Or you may be a parent who is concerned about your child's safety while he is another's care.  DER & Associates is skilled at video surveillance in these and other situations.  They will determine what equipment is needed and coordinate the installation so that you have peace of mind and can act effectively with evidence in hand.

Insurance Investigations
In their workers compensation insurance work, DER & Associates monitors the activity of injured employees, checking on their whereabouts and daily activities to make sure these activities match their injuries.

Legal Investigators
DER & Associates performs legal investigative work for Personal Injury attorneys and for business owners.  If a customer was hurt on your business premises, you may want to hire an investigator to find witnesses, document physical evidence via video or photos, and help determine the cause of the accident in anticipation of a lawsuit.  Conversely, you may be a Personal Injury attorney needing assistance with finding the cause of your client’s accident and documenting evidence in their favor.  Either way, DER & Associates has the skills to provide accurate assessments and proof of the cause of accident.

Process Serving and Due Diligence
DER & Associates serves legal documents such as subpoenas and original notices.

Witness Locate and Skip Traces
DER & Associates commonly locates witnesses and individuals who have skipped town to avoid paying rent, making loan payments, or to avoid service of process.

If you need help with physical and electronic surveillance, investigative work, or process serving, contact the Iowa firm of DER & Associates Private Investigations today at 319-352-9253.


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