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Detective Bio

Darwin E Rittgers, owner and president of DER & Associates Professional Investigation, has an extensive law enforcement background that covers 20 years. He worked all divisions of police function from patrol operations to investigations and under-cover operations. During that time he Darwin Rittgers received several commendations for his outstanding service, and was appointed as team leader in the Tactical Anticrime Team of the Waverly police force.

The extended training that he received during that time helps him today in the investigative aspects of his current practice and gives him more personal credibility during courtroom testimony. During his time in law enforcement, he also made personal contacts that he now uses in his private investigation business to facilitate gathering information. 

When you know who to go to for what, it makes the whole process much quicker, more efficient, and results in more credible information.

This is his 11th year in private business as a Private Investigator. He is active in the community, and serves as President and member of the Board of Directors for the Iowa Association of Private Investigators. He also coordinates the states’ training program for private investigators. 

Darwin E. Rittgers is a member of the National Council of Investigation and Security Services (NCISS) out of Washington DC, and a member of the Association of Christian Investigators

Let Darwin E. Rittgers put his years of police and PI training to work for you. Call DER & Associates Professional Investigations today at 319-352-9253.


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